Government in your pocket

Everything a citizen needs from the state is accessible within 3 moves of the thumb.

Underneath all of this lies a foundation of advanced concepts, digital government infrastructure and services that make it all possible.

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Personalized, human-centric digital services

Proactive and life event-based services are personalized to the user.

All public services within the citizen’s grasp without needing to know which state authority provides which service.

Automating citizen support and service discovery

Often, the problem is finding the right service. Whom to report your problem to?

AI can identify the citizens’ problem and automatically report it to the right authority.

Seamless transition between state, municipality and private sector services Seamless transition: state, municipal, and private services

Marketplace for public and private sector services.

Government-as-a-platform strategy enables the state to offer platform services to municipalities and private sector companies, allowing them to publish their services and make them accessible to citizens.

Single and transparent view of all financial matters Transparent view of all financial matters


The citizen sees exactly what the government's contribution is to their welfare, and vice versa. This builds trust and engages citizens in the functioning of the state.

Citizens have full transparency and control over their personal data Full control over personal data

The personal government strategy ensures transparency and the highest level of protection of personal data.

The most advanced digital nations offer the best digital services while also having the highest level of protection of personal data.

Full transparency and the highest level of personal data protection.