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Personal Government: A vision for a post-digital era of equitable and sustainable public services

Learn how today’s social concerns and global trends force governments to rethink how to offer public services in the future.

In brief

Personal government is a vision that considers the next stage of already developed digital societies to provide more human-centric public services, considering the complexities where traditional digital government approaches do not necessarily provide a straightforward solution.
    • The journey toward personal government is already on its way in several societies.

    • This white paper discusses the desired outcomes and impact of personal government, but also proposes known and explored key capabilities to create it.

    • To explore public services in the era of personal government, we highlight five key traits: human-centricity, accessibility, proactiveness, trustworthiness, and empowerment.

Traditionally, only another human could render services in a way that felt human. But now, we can surpass human capability to deliver high-quality services while assuring the sustainable renewal of services. We have learned that by simplifying complex processes and the intelligent use of technology, we can increase public approval and efficiency – at the same time.

Many organizations (including the World Bank and OECD) have started to call the equivalent evolutionary step from the digital government era the GovTech era.

In this era people have more control over their data to build trust. Services are shifting from a government-focused to a citizen-centered approach. Modern platforms provide smoother experiences and foster innovation. And AI can step in where current methods fall short, making service delivery more efficient.

The full realization of the goals of personal government requires the adoption of emerging technologies and the reorganization of the government’s working principles in terms of service provision and cooperation between institutions. All these capabilities are either already well within today’s technological development or within reach and can be realized in the foreseeable future.

As the digital transformation of public services has lasted for decades, we are now witnessing the rise of a new post-digital era. This shift not only enhances the equity of government services but also significantly elevates efficiency and sustainability.

Andres Raieste, Senior Vice President of the Public Sector at Nortal


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